Unlock the Financing Potential of Your Outstanding Invoices

If you’re like most business owners that offer invoicing, then you likely view your accounts receivable as being more of a headache than an asset. However, each open invoice carries the promise to pay for goods and services rendered, making them ideal financing tools whenever you happen to need funds fast. How? Through the Accounts Receivable Financing Program we offer here at SabTera Capital.

What is Factoring?

AR financing, also known as factoring, works as follows:

  • You outsource your invoicing process to us
  • We pay you the value of the invoice minus a small service fee
  • We assume the responsibility to collect from your customers

This program offers you immediate returns on the sale of your products or services, without the potential for recourse if your customers are unable to pay. Yet beyond that, it even helps you to avoid taking on clients who may present a bad risk in the first place. You see, as your factor, we’ll screen your prospective customers’ credit profiles and advise you which present potential repayment problems. This allows you to take on more orders and expand your market share without the stress inherent with collections.

You don’t have to carry your AR around like a perpetual albatross around your company’s neck. Let us here at SabTera Capital turn your invoicing process into a well-oiled financing tool. For more information on the benefits that factoring can offer for your business, contact us today.