The Perfect Solution to Meeting Your Business Equipment Needs

Take a look around your office, manufacturing floor, or customer floor space. Is the equipment you’re relying to support your operations up-to-date with the current standards of your industry? If not, it’s time for an upgrade, yet before you set your mind on calling your bank to secure a loan to buy new equipment, consider what the potential consequences of such a purchase may be. Why tie up all of your available resources securing new equipment, only to shortly thereafter have new advances in industry-specific technology render it obsolete?

Our Lease Financing Options

We at SabTera Capital want to help you avoid such a scenario. Therefore, we’ve created a unique Equipment Financing program that emphasizes leasing over buying. We can provide you with financing options on equipment lease packages ranging anywhere between $150,000 to over $500,000.  All government and municipal agencies are guaranteed approval, and even small business and startups, who’ve been turned down for financing elsewhere, have a willing lending partner in us. Your application can be approved in as little as 24 hours, and most of our lease terms extend out for 84 months. Our lease options can also be of great benefit in rebuilding your credit profile if it is currently low.

Why Lease?

Many often ask us why we, as financing company, would encourage clients to lease. The answer to that question is simple: because of the many financial advantages leasing offers, particularly to small business owners. These include:

  • Low, fixed monthly payments through the life of the lease agreement.
  • Avoid having to dedicate business capital towards a large down payment.
  • Preserving your existing lines of credit for other projects.
  • Retaining the ability to upgrade without having to re-sale old equipment.

Our goal here at SabTera Capital is to ensure that your company retains the financial freedom needed to grow and prosper. It’s for this reason that we offer such outstanding equipment leasing options. We’ll help provide you with the means necessary to stay on the cutting-edge with your business equipment without you having to deal with any added financial burdens. To get your lease application started, contact one of our financial experts right away.