We Are the Franchisee’s Best Friend

The dream of being one’s own boss has prompted many aspiring entrepreneurs to set out on their own. However, many fail in their ventures for one simple reason: they don’t have a strong product or brand behind them. What if you were able to set your own employment course while also enjoying the support of an established name? That’s what you get from being a franchisee. If you’re ready to pursue such an opportunity, you can count on us here at SabTera Capital to provide you with the resources to make it happen.

Extra Help in Meeting Your Franchisor’s Financial Criteria

Our Franchise Financing program is the ideal source of funds for first-time franchisees such as yourself. Your potential franchising partner will often have certain financial criteria that must be met prior to accepting your application. These may include:

  • Already having a location secured
  • Being able to afford the necessary equipment to support your operations
  • Having the funds to afford an up-front franchising fee

Through our program, you’ll have access to all of that and more. We can turn your financing application around in no time at all, while still being able to offer exceptional rates and an outstanding LTV ratio.

The fulfillment of your dreams of owning a franchise is much closer than you think, thanks to support of our team of finance professionals here at SabTera Capital. We’re ready to help you exceed all of the expectations your potential franchisor may have of you. For more information on all that’s available to you through our Franchise Financing program, give us a call today.