Financing Alternatives for Small Businesses

The purchase order financing program available from SabTera Capital presents funding solutions to expand your business, pay suppliers, and satisfy large orders. It can also support wholesalers to fill purchase orders previously unsatisfied due to lack of funds. The qualification process is the opposite of many conventional bank funding and is straightforward and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing differs from factoring in that it advances capital from your outstanding invoices. The result is the ability to provide goods and services to your customers from approved sources before generating a statement. For distributors, commodity merchants, or resellers in need of immediate reserves, this may be an excellent solution. Advantages and program highlights include:

  • Promotes non-recourse factoring
  • Allows businesses to fulfill larger orders
  • Supports accounts receivables management
  • Facilitates credit protection from bankruptcy
  • Increases adjacent to business capital without a ceiling cap
  • Accommodates vendor guarantees and payments to suppliers

Transactional purchase order funding from the experts at SabTera Capital means that financing is in place should your business require it.

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