Alternative Funding Sources from Stated Income Loans

Obtaining stated income commercial real estate loans from SabTera Capital are perfect solutions for businesses without enough income on their tax returns to secure traditional bank financing. Stated income loans allow you to declare the income that you and your company earns. Our professionals determine the total that we can lend and the interest rate that you will pay based on the amount you state.

Uses for Stated Income Financing

At SabTera Capital, our stated income commercial real estate loans are available for a diverse variety of purposes, such as refinancing, property enhances, debt consolidation, and property acquisition. This type of non-conventional financing can also serve as a resource for comprehensive working capital.

Program Highlights and Benefits

Rather than use your credit history to consider loan eligibility, stated income commercial loans use the value of commercial real estate. The property’s income value must be enough to support the mortgage, taxes, and insurance to be approved. A significant benefit of a stated income commercial loan from SabTera Capital over a traditional commercial loan is a quick approval process due to the reduced need of documents for qualification. Other highlights include:

  • 25-year terms available
  • 600 minimum credit score to qualify
  • Owner- or non-owner- occupied property
  • All commercial property types considered
  • Self-employed or W-2 confirmations allowed
  • Loan amounts ranging from $100,000 to $5 million

Stated income loans from SabTera Capital more efficiently equip you with funding than major lending institutions. They also provide longer repayment periods to ensure that you have plenty of resources available for expanding and enhancing your business while meeting daily operating requirements.

Learn More About Financing Alternatives Today

To learn more details about stated income loan solutions from SabTera Capital, contact our experts today. This type of funding is perfect for businesses wanting to buy commercial property or refinance.